Sunday, 28 August 2011

Music Of The Week - Florence And The Machine

I'm still alive! Sort of...!! The crazy riots luckily didn't get so close to my home town, and although my laptop wasn't looted; it has officially died. Yes, after 5 odd years, she's finally caved in. It's made me kind of sad. And why I've kind of fallen off the face of the earth here.

Borrowing some laptop time, I'm very happy to give everyone FATM's new single "What The Water Gave Me" as my Music Of The Week!

Slow start and working it's way into something beautiful as always. Oh Flo... You make me a happy girl. Enjoy!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Music Of The Week - Warpaint

A growing favourite of mine; Warpaint. The band from Los Angeles formed in 2004, and have started to become pretty popular as well as touring with The XX and festivalling, including Glastonbury of this year! The song I'm pimping out is "Billie Holiday" by the band. It's smooth sultry seduction. Yes, the three S's. A bit of an ode to the fabulous Billie Holiday and taking some lines from Mary Well's "My Guy." Just beautiful.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Music Of The Week - Kreayshawn

Again, I know my posting isn't up to scratch. Been working very hard and lack of time to play makes me a sad little girl.

Nevertheless, I give you my song of the week. It's called "Gucci Gucci" by American singer/songwriter Kreayshawn (aka Natassia Gail Zolot). What can I say? The song is like... Catchy basic bitches, homes. And it totally perked up my journeys to work early in the morning and feeling the eyes of the older gentleman squashing next to me thinking "WTF" and looking over every few seconds. Kinda serves him right for squashing me that morning.