Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bold Like Flowers

Even though the clocks went forward an hour last Sunday and losing that one hour's precious sleep isn't something I favor each year, it makes it worth while to see the weather perking up a little, the sun shining for longer and getting really excited about shopping for more (unnecessary needed) summer clothes!

Two trends that I am loving in the shops at the moment are:

1) Rainbow Colours; what better way to enjoy the sun and fresh bright bold colours for that extra pick me up feeling. I am loving the clash of colours in the first photo set below and the retro style of this photoshoot. Love the Dior sunglasses (left) quite alot too. The photo on the right is again the right kind of clash of colours, as well as prints. Just fabulous.

I really like the sunflower yellow tones in the two outfits above. Again there are clashes of other colours, but alot more subtle. The shoes are pretty awesome too. Now I have to dig through my shoes and groom my little feet into killer heels again...

2) Florals; floral prints are in pretty much every year. Although it's a trend each year, it must be doing something right to still be a key trend and style for everyone to be wearing! I really like the casual look of floral prints in the first photo set below. Those cork wedge boots from Sergio Rossi (left) are also far too hot to trot! I need them in my life. Now.

Now this is a more romantic twist to the floral story. Beautiful draped materials, light sheer fabrics and I really like the mixture of floral prints with the harsher graffitti prints shown on the right photo. So these are my favourite trends and styles so far, what are yours?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Music Of The Week - Jamie Woon

This week's song is "Lady Luck" by Jamie Woon showing us that the U.K. can still have some talent stowed away. There's something really nice about his voice, and Lady Luck can be found on his album, "Mirrorwriting" that's to be realised sometime next month.

I have to say I'm not overly keen on the video, but hope you guys enjoy a bit of Lady Luck on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Spring really is around the corner!

Friday, 25 March 2011

What Was I Thinking? Granny Floral

After looking at the lovely ladies in my previous post, I realise how much I have been put to shame in what I wore. What can I say... I was carrying the old-bag-lady-pyjama-wearing look? I think it was my crack look; seemed like a good idea in my head - Thought it still looked alright - And then I stepped out of my door and there was no turning back. Welp... You be the judge, I guess.

I have a love for baggy cardi's. And it was something nice to throw on that wasn't a coat for once! And the trousers... I LOVE these trousers! From Zara, and just the most comfortable things ever!! Yep... This is what I was thinking.

What Were They Wearing?

So finally! It actually feels like spring has finally arrived in England. It's been a little chilly in the mornings, but nothing to perk you up when you set your alarm (and snooze it a dozen times) and seeing a bit of sunlight at 6.30am to put you in a happier mood.

It may be getting warmer, but it still upsets me when I see crocs and already a few people have started over the top summer wear. Seriously... It's England. In March. It's only 16.* Please put away those bellies and put some more clothes on before you catch a cold. Other than that, some people do get it right. And it looks so fabulous!

A lovely casual look and sporting a straw trilby, knotting a simple yet chic black blouse for the spring time look. And you can't go wrong with some classic vintage Levi's 501 shorts, now. The little ankle boots rock out the outfit.

A little angel in lace white! Loving the look, with her padded cream cardigan, little lace dress with pearl buttons, lace white tights and cute pumps.

You girls are working it and making fashion proud to be fabulous. Loves it.

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Breton Line

Tearing through April's issue of Vogue and I'm so in love with this shoot from Tim Walker! I love his style of work and the make up/hair styling looks so great with the stripe trend; back in again this season but still stylish.

His work has such a beautiful surreal element to it. Check it out!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Music Of The Week - Lykke Li

I love music. Anyone who knows me knows this. I've been waiting in anticipation for Lykke Li's new album "Wounded Rhymes" to be released. Seeing as I couldn't tear myself away from my cardio exercise (my way of cardio; browsing and shopping for clothes), I ordered it online. It came today and has been on repeat!! I'm addicted to her second single "I Follow Rivers" and have been for a few months. 

Her voice just entices me. And it's like hearing her "grow" from her first album "Youth Novels" which I still love listening to. An old favourite and also her first single, "Little Bit."


Things I Make

Here's a little insiders view at what I do at work. Sometimes it's pretty fun and pieces to the mannequins fit perfectly like pieces in a puzzle. Other times, I feel like I'm just on crack throwing ideas together forcing it to work. Kinda like trying to lick a melting ice cream dripping all over your hand.

Naughty But Nice

I did something naughty today... After promising (myself) to start looking after those precious pennies of mine and to stop splurging, I succumbed to those fashion angels in my head. I mean... They were pretty. And they're Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melissa Bow pumps! How could I resist?!

Welp... That's how I'm justifying it, anyway. I also believe it's not a sickness, just a weakness. For shoes.

By the way, anyone who hasn't been near this shoe range from Westwood really must go sniff a pair. I know I sound so odd saying this but they have this sweet little jelly smell to them! Even if I don't make the most out of wearing them, I can at least sniff the life out of them.

Monday, 14 March 2011

I Left My Heart In Thailand

A friend of mine is jetting off to the fabulous Thailand this evening for 6+ months. Not that I'm jealous or anything... That's a lie. I'm absolutely jealous. I only came back from Thailand myself last month and I completely fell in love with the place. Bangkok had a wonderful buzz to it (despite me and my friends going to a place labelled "Karaoke Bar" and we're pretty certain it was also a whore house), and Phuket was just so amazing.

Now I'm rambling! So! This friend is just purely reminding me of what I miss out there. And some wonderful creativity I saw.

A really fab sleeveless spiked grunge jacket that was displayed with other designers work. I leaned towards this for my soft spot of leopard print and loved the clash of red and pink!

Being a Visual Merchandiser, I love seeing other window displays. This caught my eye with the vivid colours, arrangements and use of crazy animal heads! Loves it.

 Oh these mannequins... How I need them in my life! They were shown behind this metal mesh and I love love love the quirky lightbulb heads and oddness of it!!

This awesome dude was during my visit to Chatuchak market. Playing on his little instrument(s), and all dressed up. And in that heat!! He's brave... Very brave.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Skinny Love

I heard this song on Radio 1 a few days ago on Fearne Cotton's show. This girl just has an amazual voice; for someone who's 14!! Just amazing. It's a cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" and it's just absolutely lovely. Beautiful on a chilled out sunday. Enjoy!

Hello, hi and welcome!

So blogging is an everyday thing now, and many people around the world are doing this. I figured that I might as well jump in the bandwagon and share things that interest and inspire me with everyone else. It will most probably be filled with pictures, fashion things, music, more fashion things that include shoes and such.

Will update with more interesting posts soon... Watch this space!