Sunday, 31 July 2011

Music Of The Week - SBTRKT

This week's song slightly more upbeat and fun sunshine weather! It's called "Pharaohs", by SBTRKT (aka Aaron Jerome) and features Roses Gabor. SBTRKT is a London producer and musician, and has remixed for many big names such as MIA and Basement Jaxx. Check him out!!

Although he's a DJ, he prefers to stay away from the limelight and keeping his identity a secret! How so? By wearing native masks. Bless.

The song is also from his album "SBTRKT." Enjoy!!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Music Of The Week - Washington

This week's song is slightly more girlie (I am a girl afterall) and floaty yumminess! It comes from a talented Australian musician, Megan Washington. The song is called "How To Tame Lions." Hope it perks you up on this warm fuzzy sunday!

RIP Amy Winehouse

Even though I've been cooped indoors surrounded by boxes and preparing for our grand store opening, news travels fast. Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment in Camden earlier today. The girl had such talent and such a beautiful and amazing voice, it's real a shame to the music industry.

Although police are saying it's unexplained, I'm pretty sure alot of people have guesses on how and why. Amy had a huge problem with drugs and alcohol, and delaying her comebacks again and again. And only recently having been jeered off stage during her first stint of her European tour for forgetting words, slurring and the typical "bad" Amy we've been seeing so much of the past few years. She has also been unwell recently as she's been cancelling promotion and photo shoots for Fred Perry (where she's made collections and models for).

It's such a tradegy that someone so young and talented has passed away; she had so much more to give. But she's joined the 27 club with Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix. Strange coincidence? Who knows. May she rest in peace with them all.

In memory of Ms. Amy Winehouse, some of my favourites:

From the album "Frank," Stronger Than Me, In My Bed and Take The Box


And from "Back To Black," You Know I'm No Good and Back To Black



Sunday, 17 July 2011

Music Of The Week - Little Dragon

This week's song was a bit of a struggle. I  made a bunch of updates for my playlist to take up to Birmingham for my training (as mentioned in my previous post). I'm not gonna lie, there were some good choices on there. But one that kept me going back to it the most was a song called "Ritual Union" by a Sweish electro band called Little Dragon.

It's a gorgeous little song, and they also perfomed at Glastonbury this year! Fancy!

The song is off of the album with the same name out later this year. A non-live version of the song is here below. Enjoy!!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

When A Londoner Visits Birmingham

On Monday 11th July, a group of 20 people who have never met before gathered at Euston train station to begin their journey to Birmingham. Why, I hear you say. For training at a new store opening we've all been hired for. Where, I hear you say. A company called Forever 21! 

Now, I know some Brits haven't heard of the company, sohere's a quick brief: Forever 21 is a clothing store found in California by a (South) Korean couple in 1984. The popularity is growing, and the company is expanding rapidly and internationally. We went to Birmingham for training as it's the first store in the U.K. closest to London.

Just outside Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre. And... there of course, is a bull. Symbolism and all that. Standard.

Underground! Although we weren't in London anymore, there was a little bit of our heart in Birmingham. The Village was where alot of drag, drinking, dancing and karaoke singing went down. The hangover and work the next day wasn't the best of times, though.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Music Of The Week - Maverick Sabre

Song for the week is called "Let Me Go" by British artist Maverick Sabre. Originally from Hackney (with a move to Ireland and back to London to work on his music bizz), Maverick Sabre is someone to look out for, methinks! He's got this wonderfully enticing voice and has also worked with the likes of Professor Green, Chase and Status and Wretch 32!

The video is sorta like one of those alter ego things. Maybe because Maverick Sabre has such an adorbz baby face he's got a rugged dark handsome man in it? Who knows. Oh. And it shows the other dark side of Las Vegas. Unfortunately it's a little been there done that, but watchable, nonetheless.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Chanel Is Not A Robot

How adorable is this window display at Selfridges (London) advertising the new Chanel range? Being creative with the variey of make up, brushes and media screen:

 Loving the long super model dancing legs with little top hat!

And this looks like some female friendly version of Transformers. Well, it's enticing me more than Spielberg's smasher.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Music Of The Week - Buraka Som Sistema

This week's song is quite fitting for a sunday. It's called "Hangover (BaBaBa)" by a Portuguese group, Buraka Som Sistema. They "specialise" in fusing techno beats with African kuduro and were formed together in 2006. They always make me get on my feet, and there's a fiesty little girl who looks super adorbz in the video that it kinda makes you lolz.

The video isn't so much NSFW but there's a few... dare I say, "naughty" clips. So just be a bit careful the raunchiness doesn't get you in trouble and people come at you with holy water.