Saturday, 16 July 2011

When A Londoner Visits Birmingham

On Monday 11th July, a group of 20 people who have never met before gathered at Euston train station to begin their journey to Birmingham. Why, I hear you say. For training at a new store opening we've all been hired for. Where, I hear you say. A company called Forever 21! 

Now, I know some Brits haven't heard of the company, sohere's a quick brief: Forever 21 is a clothing store found in California by a (South) Korean couple in 1984. The popularity is growing, and the company is expanding rapidly and internationally. We went to Birmingham for training as it's the first store in the U.K. closest to London.

Just outside Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre. And... there of course, is a bull. Symbolism and all that. Standard.

Underground! Although we weren't in London anymore, there was a little bit of our heart in Birmingham. The Village was where alot of drag, drinking, dancing and karaoke singing went down. The hangover and work the next day wasn't the best of times, though.

Man statue!

Pretty building outside of Victoria Square.

Enough of Birmingham itself, here's some Forever 21 things I dug, homes:

 Love the gold cash desk and sparkley bits! Such a shimmer whore.

I've also decided that I need, yes, NEED this for my room.

Then there were some really cute bits of props all around the store: Fake cake and tea! My favourite!! Shame it was fake.

Baby mannequins and high display.

Head scarf styling, and massive sequin lamps! I want one of these lamps, too. Be awesome holding all my jewellery and accessories.

And I <3 these little drawers holding all the lingerie! So cute. If only Ikea made this (please make notes, Ikea).

 Light up UK heart!

Nice little room set that had comfy antiquey chairs, old screens and mannequins.

Loving this camp tent!

And some styling work done by me and a new Forever 21 family member! It wasn't all fun and games while we were there, long hard and lots of workie workie!

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