Sunday, 29 May 2011

Music Of The Week - Foster The People

This week's song is called "Pumped Up Kicks" by an L.A. based trio, Foster The People. It's a nice chilled little jam. The guys in the band are also pretty cute, so pay attention to the video! It's something about men and instruments.... Ooo. I could spread them on a cracker.

Umm, I mean, here's their video. Enjoy!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fan It Out

Having a look around and stopped for a while to look at Zara (Oxford Street)'s window display. They always seem to make it look so quirky and fun. Loving the mixed giesha inspired look with clipper girl and faceless spike dude who looks likes a little like the Statue of Liberty gone dark.

Loving the colour clash (which works well together) with patches of print in both outfits. I also want those tights on clipper girl. And long mermaid hairs like clipper girl.

Then on the other window display was monocrome punk fest!

Nice use of the romantic whites that are in this season, and loving the zebra printed mannequins. I'm a sucker for prints.

And totally silly but cute fake puppies! I want this cage for my room (not for dog caging purposes, though).

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Music Of The Week - Various Cruelties

I've been slacking a bit with posts recently... Things have been a little busy over here and preparing for the Rapture that was meant to happen yesterday and all that. Seeing as we're all alive, here's my music of the week. Various Cruelties are a newly put together London band. Although they're still fresh, they've already supported Mumford and Sons, The Vaccines and Villagers.

The song is called "Neon Truth." Enjoy!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Music Of The Week - Peaches

Peaches (aka Merrill Beth Nisker) is such an immense character. I feel as though she's slightly underrated for what she does, so I'm pimping her out a little this week. She's finally managed to create a video for each song off of her 2009 album I Feel Cream and latest video is for a song called "Mud."

The video is also pretty self explanatory; Peaches is being Peaches with her dirty beats in... Well, mud. Enjoy:

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What They Wore: Work Edition

Sometimes I think that I'm quite a fortunate "fashionista"; I get to wear whatever I want each day at work and there's not really such a thing as uniform. I can even roll out of bed and throw on my battered old converses, and last night's clothes that's still on the floor and not get judged (well, maybe a little. You know, until I redeem myself). I love the variety of people I work with and everyone dresses in their own little way!

My favourites today:

Carrying a casual English heritage look here! Loving the buttoned up shirt, casual chinos and the side parting.

The monocrome queen! Simple yet stylish. Cute ruffles on the sandles, too. Well done for painting those little toes coming out for sunshine play!

And this young lady always (effortlessly) gets it right! Loving the casual look and rolled up jeans. Ooo the frappaccino is looking at me. Might need one tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

What Was I Thinking? Flow With The White

Welp, today I decided to show some flesh seeing it was warm again enough to. Hopefully not too much that someone alerted the church elders. I've not had any holy water thrown on me, so I think we're alright!

(Long Vest: TopShop, Floral Waistcoat: TopShop, Leggings: TopsShop, Pumps: Schuh, Sunglasses: H&M)

Music Of The Week - Azari & III

So here is this week's music! It's called "Hungry For The Power" by a Canadian indie (and can I say electro??) group Azari & III. I'm loving the dirty little beats in it.

The video is... Quite interesting! I would also like to say it's probably NSFW, and if you're not so good with some blood, I probably would try not to watch it. Intrigued...? You should be!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

GaGa Is My Religion

Lady GaGa released the video of the new song "Judas" a few days ago. And I'm not gonna lie, I was really excited and my pants tingled muchly. I quite enjoyed the video, and of course, there's already a stir of controversy and all that jazz in regards to the video, religion and anything else people can throw at you.

Personally, I didn't think that far into it. There are relations to several religious bits and such, but come on! The song is already called Judas, and listen to the lyrics! Anyway, here's some stills of my favourite bits:

I really like this shot, I'm not sure why! Is it the jewels, is it Jesus, is it the motorbike?! I really like GaGa's simple bold eye make up, which mirrors a little of the "Eye of Horus."

Lady GaGa is the modern Sacred Heart?? You can partially see the heart (above) and wearing the blue hooded cap, while she's rolling with her homes, Peter.

I also heart the little golden gun! Secret weapon with a lipstick.

Ah, so much GaGa goodness! For anyone that hasn't seen it yet; shame on you!! But, I'm gonna help you out and show it below. Enjoy!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Bohemian Twist

I really like these clashing pieces in Vogue's June issue. The guys at Vogue always know how to make clashing look great and actually decent. These are some of my favourite pieces:

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Music Of The Week - Ed Sheeran

It was a tough choice this week, but I stuck with my guns and my Music Of The Week is called "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran. He's a British singer/songwriter and has such a lovely tone in his voice! He's mingled with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Example and Just Jack.

The video and lyrics are a little sadface, but I think it's such a beautiful little song. Moral of the story - stay away from drugs!