Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What They Wore: Work Edition

Sometimes I think that I'm quite a fortunate "fashionista"; I get to wear whatever I want each day at work and there's not really such a thing as uniform. I can even roll out of bed and throw on my battered old converses, and last night's clothes that's still on the floor and not get judged (well, maybe a little. You know, until I redeem myself). I love the variety of people I work with and everyone dresses in their own little way!

My favourites today:

Carrying a casual English heritage look here! Loving the buttoned up shirt, casual chinos and the side parting.

The monocrome queen! Simple yet stylish. Cute ruffles on the sandles, too. Well done for painting those little toes coming out for sunshine play!

And this young lady always (effortlessly) gets it right! Loving the casual look and rolled up jeans. Ooo the frappaccino is looking at me. Might need one tomorrow.

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