Saturday, 7 May 2011

GaGa Is My Religion

Lady GaGa released the video of the new song "Judas" a few days ago. And I'm not gonna lie, I was really excited and my pants tingled muchly. I quite enjoyed the video, and of course, there's already a stir of controversy and all that jazz in regards to the video, religion and anything else people can throw at you.

Personally, I didn't think that far into it. There are relations to several religious bits and such, but come on! The song is already called Judas, and listen to the lyrics! Anyway, here's some stills of my favourite bits:

I really like this shot, I'm not sure why! Is it the jewels, is it Jesus, is it the motorbike?! I really like GaGa's simple bold eye make up, which mirrors a little of the "Eye of Horus."

Lady GaGa is the modern Sacred Heart?? You can partially see the heart (above) and wearing the blue hooded cap, while she's rolling with her homes, Peter.

I also heart the little golden gun! Secret weapon with a lipstick.

Ah, so much GaGa goodness! For anyone that hasn't seen it yet; shame on you!! But, I'm gonna help you out and show it below. Enjoy!!

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