Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fan It Out

Having a look around and stopped for a while to look at Zara (Oxford Street)'s window display. They always seem to make it look so quirky and fun. Loving the mixed giesha inspired look with clipper girl and faceless spike dude who looks likes a little like the Statue of Liberty gone dark.

Loving the colour clash (which works well together) with patches of print in both outfits. I also want those tights on clipper girl. And long mermaid hairs like clipper girl.

Then on the other window display was monocrome punk fest!

Nice use of the romantic whites that are in this season, and loving the zebra printed mannequins. I'm a sucker for prints.

And totally silly but cute fake puppies! I want this cage for my room (not for dog caging purposes, though).

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