Friday, 25 March 2011

What Were They Wearing?

So finally! It actually feels like spring has finally arrived in England. It's been a little chilly in the mornings, but nothing to perk you up when you set your alarm (and snooze it a dozen times) and seeing a bit of sunlight at 6.30am to put you in a happier mood.

It may be getting warmer, but it still upsets me when I see crocs and already a few people have started over the top summer wear. Seriously... It's England. In March. It's only 16.* Please put away those bellies and put some more clothes on before you catch a cold. Other than that, some people do get it right. And it looks so fabulous!

A lovely casual look and sporting a straw trilby, knotting a simple yet chic black blouse for the spring time look. And you can't go wrong with some classic vintage Levi's 501 shorts, now. The little ankle boots rock out the outfit.

A little angel in lace white! Loving the look, with her padded cream cardigan, little lace dress with pearl buttons, lace white tights and cute pumps.

You girls are working it and making fashion proud to be fabulous. Loves it.

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