Monday, 14 March 2011

I Left My Heart In Thailand

A friend of mine is jetting off to the fabulous Thailand this evening for 6+ months. Not that I'm jealous or anything... That's a lie. I'm absolutely jealous. I only came back from Thailand myself last month and I completely fell in love with the place. Bangkok had a wonderful buzz to it (despite me and my friends going to a place labelled "Karaoke Bar" and we're pretty certain it was also a whore house), and Phuket was just so amazing.

Now I'm rambling! So! This friend is just purely reminding me of what I miss out there. And some wonderful creativity I saw.

A really fab sleeveless spiked grunge jacket that was displayed with other designers work. I leaned towards this for my soft spot of leopard print and loved the clash of red and pink!

Being a Visual Merchandiser, I love seeing other window displays. This caught my eye with the vivid colours, arrangements and use of crazy animal heads! Loves it.

 Oh these mannequins... How I need them in my life! They were shown behind this metal mesh and I love love love the quirky lightbulb heads and oddness of it!!

This awesome dude was during my visit to Chatuchak market. Playing on his little instrument(s), and all dressed up. And in that heat!! He's brave... Very brave.

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