Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Une Chanel Promenade

During this month, Harrods are holding an exclusive exhibition on the adventures of Chanel!

And what can I say... It was like a pretty little wonderland! The window displays are all Chanel'ed out with their A/W collection, and it gives me a little old English feel to it! And the exhibition itself was like a little enchanted fairytale. You weren't allowed to take photographs in the exhibition which sucked, but I am stealthy... And if you didn't try and take a picture or two, it would just be all wrong!  Here's a little sneaky of what I saw and loved:

Part of the window displays of Harrods. I've also been enticed by dead animals.

Feeling enticed?? More pictures after the jump!

Pretty reindeer all pretty and sparkley with little flowers.

Taking pictures of the windows was pretty tough work!! This was me being fancy and taking it from the mirror above the window. Ooo how creative.

 And some little bits of fabulousness from inside the exhibition:

There was this little garden maze which lead to all different rooms and different aspects of Chanel.  It was pretty awesome.

And I had to had to had to sneak a picture of this reconstruction of Gabrielle Chanel's 31 rue Canbon apartment which was filled with beautiful haute couture loveliness.

It's still showing for another week or so, so get yourself down there for a magical bit of Chanel!

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