Sunday, 12 February 2012

Inspirations: "I Want Candy"

So some of 2012's collections are pretty great and one of the trends I'm totally loving is the light and pastels.

A breath of fresh air and all the pale beauties is just too soft and sweet!

I'm a little biased here with Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer collection and I love horses and carousels, and it hits the nail on me feeling nostalgic about my childhood at theme parks, 99p flake cones (probably only us Brits will understand this) and candy floss! Which always seem to get in my hair...

Tropical candy make up:

 Diane von Furstenburg mintyness and Tommy Hilfiger candy girl

Tim Walker

I looove this plaited hairs from Valentino. I want cute plaited hairs like this too.

Fashion photography by Victor De Mello. Slightly surreal (left) and loving the retro styled shades (right).

Le GaGa on the cover of V Magazine

I love the floaty pleat skirt. And the mixture of the edgey black leather jacket with a casual top.


I <3 this whole look. It's like an edible person. But... not. 

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