Thursday, 2 June 2011

Chanel Stole My Work!

So here I am flicking through 125 Magazine and there's a few pages on Chanel's new look. Well! I have to say... It's a little close to home! For those who know me and some of my work, you will understand. For others that haven't seen it, I will explain.

Welp, this is Chanel's new look:

I do actually like the colour pallete on the eye make up and I always like dark coloured clothing. But wait! I think a young lady may of done something similar on a shoot late 2009 and an entry for ELLE magazine's competition...

See the similarities!? I mean... All they had to do was ask. And hire me and the team I worked with that day.

Now this is the problem; do I ring up the big guns at Chanel and demand something, or suck up and ask for a job and force them to love me?

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