Monday, 27 June 2011

Glastonbury 2011 Highlights

Welp, I was one of those unfortunate souls who didn't manage to snag myself a ticket to Glasto this year, and I have to say... I am in such awe of those bitches who managed to go.

It may be all fun and games but unfortuinately a sad incident did happen this year; friend and political ally to Nick Cameron, Christopher Shale passed away at the venue. He was missing and found in one of the toliets. Eep!

But moving back onto the festival itself, I have spent several hours of my life the past few days watching several highlights and loving every minute of what I was watching!! Despite the weather being typically British and bi-polar, my friends who went all had an immense time. What more fun could you have? wellies, rain macks, sunglasses, mud, camping, camp fires, beer and live bands?! All in one huge arena!!

Some of my favourite bands and music to my ears (and eyes) were:

  •  Biffy Clyro (half nekkid Biffy! Need a girl say more...??)
  • Ed Sheeran (singing "A Team" which was a MOTW in a previous post!)
  • Jessie J (although slightly dissapointed with her album, that girl can belt out a song or two!)
  • Janelle Monae
  • Pendulum (bringing back memories of my youth and how I used to rave)
  • Tinie Tempah (while some say he's not amazual, he always makes me want to get up on my feet)
  • Warpaint (singing "Undertow")
And then... Beyonce happened. I have to admit, I'm not a massive B-girl fan. But she was really stunning during her performance. And look at that body and shimmer shimmer outfit working the Pyramid stage!!

There was definately a real something about her. I have to say Beyonce.. Well done, you were definately awesome! Catch Beyonce's Glasto experience highlight here!

Now to find my wellies in preparation for next year...

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