Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Havaianas A Welly Fabulous Time

It's nearly that time of the year of Festivals again! Unfortunately this year, it appears that I won't be going to any because I couldn't get a ticket for certain ones or couldn't find elegable companions. I'm already super jealous from seeing all these pretty summer clothes, and knowing I won't be ruining mine this year.

An important part of your ensemble of being at a festival is of course, wellies! And Havaianas are doing their part for festivals with their own wellingtons. Saw them in Selfridges yesterday and they're super cute.

Contrasting coloured Havaianas. This is my favourite so far, and come in other colours, too!

Then we have the play it safe black ones, and these tropical little ones! Which ones will you be wearing this year and how will you be wearing yours?

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