Sunday, 17 April 2011

Music Of The Week - SebastiAn

If my writing is terrible today, I apologise. It's my birthday today (and I can cry if I want to!) and... I'm not gonna lie. Just a little worse for wear. I did have a fabulous night, though! Thank you for asking. Anyway, enough of that. My MOTW is by a French artist, SebastiAn and the song is called "Embody."

SebastiAn has remixed for several other arists, some of my favourites include Uffie, Klaxons, Bloc Party and The Rapture.

I love watching this video. And it reminds me how we all have a little bit of a dancer inside us all! Enjoy. I'm off to have a few more drinks in the sun and drown my sorrows in being another year older.

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