Friday, 8 April 2011

Yohji Yamamato Exhibition

I took some time out of my day to go to Yohji Yamamato's current exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in one of my favourite cities; London.

Some people I know hate the hussle but I love taking time out in London. Wandering around, absorbing the culture, finding new places (or shortcuts or detours...!), sometimes spotting a few celebrity type people and my favourite past time... Shopping! I'm also quite fond of the V&A Museum and the building. The location and surroundings is one place I enjoy walking around in.

The exhibition basically showed you Yamamato's life with multi media and pieces from his men's and women's collections, and was a bit like a timeline of how he started up to the present. I loved being up close to his garments and being able to see all the detailing and his "unusual" way of pattern cutting that makes the style of his clothing. Here's a few of his pieces and bits around the museum:

Go check it out! Exhibition is shown until July 2011!

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