Thursday, 14 April 2011

What Was I Thinking? Intergalactic Pants

Outfit was totally inspired by Christopher Kane's 2011 Resort Collection. Well... At least my trousers were.

If I'm being honest, I'm not much of a Kane fan. Nor did this collection "wow" me. But the more coverage I saw, the more it grew on me. And seeing his collection being reworked and filtered into affordable prices for us normal homosapians, I "had to" buy me something from space!

 The harem trousers are from my second home, TopShop. Oh I love TopShop. Threw on a off-brown vest, lace cardigan and suede wedges. I cheated and the black/gold plaited necklace is actually a hair tie. Talk about being versatile.

My hair is also at an annoying length since I cut it all off just over a year ago. And I have way too much of it. Just trying to get some of the layers off of around my face with a french braid. For some reason I cannot do an actual french braid, so it's like... an inside out braid?

Thank you Christopher Kane... For making me spend more of my hard earned money on buying spaceman pants.

(Vest and Lace Cardi: River Island, Trousers: TopShop, Belt: Jocasi, Wedge Boots: River Island)

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